What factors were considered in the development of the concept?
There were numerous factors that went into the development of the concept. The biggest issue was that our population is expected to more than double by 2050. We cannot move all of the new traffic generated by this population growth on our existing network. The new Interstate 14 (I-14) is to be routed through Bryan/College Station. To allow for safe and efficient movement of travelers on I-14, the outer loop was created. Freeport, Texas is making a push to become the primary deepwater port in Houston. If successful, State Highway 36 A will be developed and connect Freeport to State Highway 6 near Hempstead. How do we address all the additional freight traffic moving through our area. Finally, the potential exists for a high speed rail station nearby and the expected traffic traveling from that Station to Bryan and College Station would be significant.

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1. What factors were considered in the development of the concept?
2. Why is the concept important?
3. Was the public involved in the development of the concept?
4. What roads are shown on the Thoroughfare Plan?
5. Are the dashed lines set "in stone"?
6. One of the biggest issues faced in developing the concept was balancing urban growth and agricultural operations. How does the concept address this issue?