Congestion Survey Results

The MPO has identified almost $3,000,000,000 in transportation needs over the next 25 years, yet we only receive about $13 million each year from federal and state funding sources to respond to those needs.”

Part of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) update process was to develop a realistic funding scenario so we can financially-constrain what projects are selected for construction.  To prevent additional congestion, we either have to accept that we need additional funding streams or about half of our commuting population has to commit to taking transit, teleworking or other ridesharing options.  We need to decide now what we want to do about transportation or we will all be sitting in traffic for hours.

The MPO, as well as City of Bryan, City of College Station, and Texas A&M Transportation Institute invited citizens to participate in a one-question survey.  The survey had the dual purpose of determining what level of congestion is acceptable to citizens and how much, in additional user fees, taxes and other funding mechanisms people are willing to pay to maintain that level of congestion.

Congestion Survey and Results