FM 2818 Corridor Study

Picture of the FM 2818 Corridor Study Area

The Bryan-College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization (BCSMPO) is undertaking this study on behalf of its member governments to develop a long-term, future vision for the FM 2818 Corridor, otherwise known as Harvey Mitchell Parkway, within the Bryan/College Station urbanized area. The study is intended to encompass the whole of the FM 2818 corridor from State Highway 6 in the north to State Highway 6 in the south, a length of approximately 20 miles.

The FM 2818 corridor has become a major transportation artery for the residents and businesses of Bryan-College Station.  It provides access to both commercial and residential land uses.  The corridor contains sufficient right-of-way to construct a freeway-level facility.  Finally, it links multiple destinations within the Bryan-College Station urban area.