MPOs Across Texas

There are 25 metropolitan planning organizations (MPO) in the State of Texas, each charged with the duty to plan transportation within their planning areas using federal funds.

Texas Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations

The Bryan/College Station MPO (BCSMPO), like other MPOs in Texas, is a member of TEMPO, the Texas Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (TEMPO). TEMPO was established to:
  • Coordinate participation in state and federal policy development
  • Enhance working partnerships with the Texas Department of Transportation and the various agencies within the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Promote professional development and continuing education
  • Provide a conduit for exchange of information and ideas
  • Promote and develop better transportation planning in the State of Texas

MPO Classification

MPOs are classified by size according to the following Texas standards:
  • Small MPO Population: Less than 200,000
  • Mid-Size MPO Population:  Between 200,000 and 1,000,000
  • Large MPO Population: Greater than 1,000,000
A Transportation Management Area, or TMA, is an urban area that has a population greater than 200,000, and must meet certain requirements, such as the development of a Congestion Management Process.  These TMA's also have control over additional state funding categories such as Metropolitan Mobility and Transportation Enhancements.

These specific numbers were taken from the Federal Highway Administration Website.

Contact TEMPO

Contact information for all Texas MPOs, as well many other links to MPO-specific information, can be found on the TEMPO Website.