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    In the News: Input Sought on MPO Project Plan

    Area transportation planners are asking for the public’s input regarding a change to the 2019-2022 Transportation Improvement Plan Source: The Eagle, 4/10/2020 Read on...
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    In the News: State Lawmakers Ask Department of Transportation to Drop High-Speed Rail Project

    More than two dozen state lawmakers have signed a letter urging the U.S. Department of Transportation to end work related to a high-speed rail project that would pass through the Brazos Valley. Source: The Eagle, 4/08/2020 Read on...
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    In the News: Lane to be Closed at 2818 and Luther

    Utility work on Luther Street near the intersection of FM 2818 is scheduled to start Tuesday and will lead to the closure of a lane, officials said. Source: The Eagle, 3/08/2020 Read on...
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    In the News: TxDOT: Arrange for Sober Ride Home this Spring Break

    As spring break kicks off, the Texas Department of Transportation is reminding drivers to plan sober rides in light of the hundreds of crashes that involve young drivers under the influence this time of year. Source: The Eagle, 3/07/2020 Read on...
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    In the News: Drivers Ed Group Ranks College Station Among Safest Texas Cities

    Using data provided by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, a drivers education company recently named College Station as the fifth safest city for driving in Texas. Source: The Eagle, 2/27/2020 Read on...
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    In the News: Barron Road Receiving Improvements

    One of College Station's busiest roads is receiving some much-needed improvements. Around 14,000 cars travel Barron Road every day, and many of the intersections are not safe because of a lack of traffic lights. Source: KXXV-TV, 2/14/2020 Read on...
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    Nighttime Work on FM 2154

    TxDOT’s contractor, Knife River Corporation, will begin replacement of the roadway surface on FM 2154 (Wellborn Road) between FM 60 (University Drive) and Southwest Parkway on Monday, July 20th Read on...
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    Seal Coat Work Beginning in Brazos County

    Seal coat work in Brazos County FM 1179 (Briarcrest/Villa Maria) in Brazos County to begin July 9, 2020. Read on...
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    Seal Coat Work Beginning in Brazos County

    Seal coat operations, at various locations in Brazos County, will begin Thursday, June 11, 2020. Drivers can expect delays and various lane closures throughout the operation. Read on...
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    FM 2154 Bridge Rail Work

    TxDOT's contractor, Knife River Corporation, will begin replacement of the bridge rail on FM 2154 (Wellborn Road) over FM 60 (University Drive) near the Northgate area on Monday, April 27th. Read on...
  11. TxDOT

    Update for US190/SH 6

    Construction continues along US 190/SH 6 between Hearne and Bryan to add turn lanes at frequently travel roadway intersections. Source: TxDOT, 2/26/2020 Read on...
  12. TxDOT

    Open House for Raised Medians on FM 2347

    Open house for raised medians on FM 2347 from FM 2154 to Texas Avenue Source: TxDOT, 1/17/2020 Read on...
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    Overhead Signs Along State Highway 6

    NIGHTTIME WORK TO REPLACE OVERHEAD SIGNS ALONG SH 6 From 8pm until 6am in Brazos, Grimes, and Robertson Counties Source: TxDOT, 9/20/2019 Read on...
  14. TxDOT

    Construction of Turn Lanes Along US 190/SH6

    Beginning next week, the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) contractor will begin construction of turn lanes along US 190/SH 6 between Hearne and Bryan. Source: TxDOT, 8/30/2019 Read on...