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April 29th
Many people assume incorrectly that motorists pay their share of roadway costs through fuel taxes. Not so. Fairness would require much higher motor vehicle user fees to finance roadways.
April 29th
Although his nomination is being framed by some as a nod to those who've criticized a lack of diversity among Obama'Publication Date: Sun, 04/28/2013
April 29th
Amsterdam feels "cozy" because the city's efforts to manage mobility results in an average speed for all modes of 15kph/10mph.
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April 5th
The U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) has launched a new series of videos about women in transportation. The new series shares the stories of women who are working in the transportation field by focusing on what they do each day, how they’re ma…
March 24th
Each year, TRB’s Technical Activities Division staff visit state departments of transportation, as well as selected universities, transit and other modal agencies, and industry organizations, to determine the issues they are facing and how TRB can help in…
March 22nd
In April, TRB will change the service that it uses to deliver the Transportation Research E-Newsletter to your e-mail inbox. By partnering with a new system, GovDelivery, TRB expects to improve the E-Newsletter’s delivery efficiency and expand its subscri…