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What is an MPO?

Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are entities designated by law with the lead responsibility for the development of the area's transportation plans and to coordinate the transportation planning process. All urban areas over 50,000 population are required to have an MPO if the agencies spend Federal money on transportation improvements.

The planning process includes making informed predictions about future transportation needs, investigating and assessing alternative actions for meeting those needs, and making recommendations about which course of action to pursue. The information generated by this process is used by decision-makers to select transportation policies and programs from the choice of alternatives.

The Bryan/College Station MPO is...

The Bryan/College Station MPO (BCSMPO) is composed of three active bodies of representation: The Policy Board, The Technical Advisory Committee and the Active Transportation Advisory Panel. Representatives from the both the Cities of Bryan and College Station, Texas A&M University, Brazos County, Brazos Valley Transit (The District), and the Texas Department of Transportation sit on these committees. The Bryan/College Station MPO planning area is Brazos County.

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If you would like to learn more, continue exploring our website, contact us directly, or read the Briefing Notebook for Transportation Decision Makers, Officials, and Staff (PDF) written by the United States Department of Transportation.
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