FM 60/University Dr. Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Study

Picture of FM 60 Traffic

The Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization (B/CSMPO) has undertaken this study on behalf of its member governments to improve the overall access and safety for bicyclists and pedestrians along Farm to Market (FM) 60/University Drive within the Bryan/College Station urbanized area. The study is intended to encompass the segment of the Farm to Market (FM) 60/University Drive corridor from State Highway 6 (Earl Rudder Freeway) on the east side of the corridor to Turkey Creek Road/Easterwood Airport exit on the west side of the corridor. 

The Farm to Market (FM) 60/University Drive corridor has become a major transportation artery for the residents, students and businesses of Bryan-College Station.  It provides access to both commercial, residential and university-based land uses.  The corridor bisects a portion of the Texas A&M campus on the west, and serves as a dividing line between the University and ancillary services on the east side of the corridor.  Significant bicycle and pedestrian activity is present along the majority of the corridor with a particularly high level of such activity along the middle portion of the corridor.  Significant safety concerns have arisen as bicyclists and pedestrians try to cross FM 60 to access important locations on both sides of the corridor.