Plans & Programs

Urban Transportation planning includes a long-range perspective, a short-range view, and a mechanism for linking the two. The Bryan/College Station Metropolitan Planning Organization produces a series of documents that facilitate the transportation planning process. They include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Metropolitan Transportation Plan
  • Project Listing
  • Public Involvement Procedures 6 the Texas Urban Mobility Plan
  • Transportation Improvement Program
  • Unified Planning Work Program
The following information will help you to understand the purpose and time frame of each of these documents.
  1. 2050 MPO Thoroughfare Concept

    The Major Thoroughfare Concept is a map of existing and proposed roads that may be needed to address traffic and goods movement in our area in an effective and efficient manner between now and 2050.

  2. Annual Listing of Projects

    The Annual List of Projects (ALOP) is an annual document that describes all new projects completed during the year in which federal funds were used.

  3. Annual Performance & Expenditure Reports

    The Annual Performance and Expenditures Report (APER) is a document that is produced each year in order to list all work performed and deliverables produced by MPO staff during the specified fiscal year.

  4. Metropolitan Transportation Plan

    The Metropolitan Transportation Plan, or MTP, is updated every five years. The MTP is a long-range fiscally constrained transportation plan.

  5. Public Participation Procedures

    The Metropolitan Planning Organization's public participation procedures are adopted by the Policy Committee and regulate the minimum amount and method of involvement with the public that must occur. These are only updated as necessary.

  6. Transportation Improvement Program

    The Transportation Improvement Program, or TIP for short, is updated every two years. The TIP is a short-range document describing specific work programmed for the upcoming three years.

  7. Travel Demand Modeling

    The Travel Demand Model is used to forecast traffic volumes 25 years into the future.

  8. Unified Planning Work Program

    The Unified Planning Work Program, or UPWP, is updated every year. The UPWP describes work tasks and responsibilities relative to transportation planning.

  9. Studies

    Here you will find a list of studies that have been performed by BCSMPO in recent years